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Ludum Frog is a 3D platformer where you play as a frog that must use his ability to spit water and jump long distances to reach the end of the levels. Use physics based obstacles to enable you to reach places that would be inaccessible to most frogs while collecting frog coins on the way. All music used in the game is original.

This is just a demo of a full release that I am working on and only contains about 10-30 minutes of gameplay. I am well aware this demo is very rough around the edges but I wanted to give people the chance to take a look and see what they think so all feedback is welcome!

I hope you enjoy the demo and if you do you can follow my twitter @GurowichGameDev for updates on the game's full release.

Install instructions

Make sure to extract the files and you're good to go!


Ludum Frog Demo.zip 35 MB


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Really cool mechanic, quite challenging!

Really challenging, unique game!

Very rewarding game 5/5 :)

Great game, can tell a lot of work has gone into it. Quite challenging with only a trackpad, but that just added to the fun. Soundtrack is great and I especially like the sound when jumping. Looking forward to the full release!

Fantastic game, thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to the full release!

8/8 m8

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love the idea, can't wait to see this grow! The music suits the game perfectly. instant classic.

This is awesome, very challenging and addictive, the soundtrack is amazing aswell.

Yes, this is a good game, thanks.

Thank you Carbonrider :) Glad you enjoyed!

Incredibly enjoyable game, I Can't wait to play the full version! I have never enjoyed playing with frogs more in my life

Haha glad you enjoyed playing! Follow my twitter for updates on the game's full release!

Very rewarding game with a strong learning curve. Great concept and a great soundtrack.

Thanks Dommo! Really glad you enjoyed it!

Fun and rewarding game, love the soundtrack too! Can't wait for the full release

Really glad you enjoyed it Lewis :)

Great game would definitely recommend, please release the full game soon. Definitely a 5/5

Thanks Lewis! If you want updates about the games release date please follow me on twitter!

Damn never played a game so good!

Hahaha Thank you Jam, glad you enjoyed it!